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Flights To Lima

Flights To Lima

Lima, a city situated on the mountains of the Pacific Ocean, is among Latin America's most colourful cities, full of tradition, colour and culture at any stage. The capital of Peru is slowly coming into its own, no longer just a flight link for travellers going straight to Machu Picchu. Its vibrant gastronomic scene is one of the most thrilling in the world. Nightlife is at its head, with a constant line of cocktail bars and live music clubs popping up in Barranco, the boho neighbourhood that draws art lovers to its daytime galleries and party animals arriving in the night. If you're a nature lover, a beach bum or an art history expert, there's plenty for everybody in Lima. The scenes are the imagination of a historian, with pre-Columbian pyramids and colonial churches competing for publicity. And while room and dining costs are still fair, it's never been cheaper to experience Lima.


1. Visit the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI).

2. Huaca Pucllana: This huge mud-brick temple complex is located in asuburban community. The scale of this pre-Inca Huaca (pronounced "whakah") is astounding, occupying many city blocks.

3. Convento de San Francisco: The 50-minute tour involvesa cathedral, a monastery library filled with old books, abundant colonialpaintings, and catacombs. 

4. Museo Pedro de Osma: The main highlight of themuseum's collection is always on display. The 18th-century Virgen de Pomatoportrait, featuring the Earth with its mountain-shaped robe draped with corngarlands, is particularly noteworthy. 


There are only two seasons in Lima — summer and winter —and the temperature doesn’t vary wildly too much during the year. Although Limais in the southern hemisphere, its climates are the reverse of those of theUnited States. The hottest time is between December and April, while January isthe month when even the sun can burn through the almost infinite clouds andfog.


Area: 2,672 km²

Urban area: 800 km²

 Province: LimaProvince

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