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Flights To santiago

Flights To santiago

Santiago, Chile's state capital, located between both the Andes and the coast, has often been ignored in favour of smaller, larger or perhaps more excellently-known capital cities in South America. And between a booming food scene at any price point, modern architecture and design, plenty of free art, and fantastic hotel options at a variety of prices, all this is changing around. Santiago is no more a stopping point on the way to another town, and it's finally coming on its own.
There are Chilean areas of expertise on the food front, such as a giant chacarero burger, with a small steak (or turkey) and fried green beans with or without ají (spice) and avocado, or a robust soup of porotos granados, a homey broth of beans, corn and squash. Enter the Vega for mega traditional fare, such as cazuela (a meat soup with corn and potatoes) or Tirso de Molina for a combination of deals, like tonnes of Peruvian, Colombian and Venezuelan food.


1. Iglesia de San Francisco (Church of St Francis): Just across Santiago’s hectic main road, the high walls of Iglesia de San Francisco and the nearby Franciscan Monastery therefore provide peaceable harbour from city traffic. Initially constructed at the end of the 16th century by Chile's conquistador, Pedro de Valdivia, the church survived frequent earthquakes (even though its tower had passed through many incarnations). This is one of the oldest structures in Santiago and the nearby former monastery houses the San Francisco Colonial Museum, which includes a set of ecclesiastical art going back to the colonial period.

2. Cementerio General: Till now, this was one of Santiago’s secret gems, but now it's increasing in popularity. That's no regular burial ground, but a mini-metropolis of remarkable tombs. Some are lavish, some are stunning, and most of them are striking in one way or the other. And it's also of considerable historical significance – many prominent leaders are buried here, including Salvador Allende, and that there is a monument to all those who have died during the Pinochet years. It matches those in Buenos Aires as a necropolis.

3. Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende (Salvador Allende Museum of Solidarity): This gallery, which has shifted sites many times in recent years, holds pieces of art donated by artists from all over the world. The series started in 1971 when a group of artists and intellectuals agreed to put together modern works of art to demonstrate their support for the socialist policies of the Salvador Allende administration. Throughout Pinochet's military regime, exiled artists continued the project and the collection currently features donations from artists from more than 39 countries, such as Joan Miró, Roberto Matta, Antonio Saura and Yoko Ono. There are currently more than 2,650 of the 500 works collected in 1973. There is also a great scheme of temporary exhibits in all the newspapers.


The environment of the region is not completely in its favor-its location continues to trap smog, which may fog your vision of the snow-capped mountains. However, Santiago experiences a cool Mediterranean climate.

June and August are the coldest months with normal temperatures of around 4 ° C (39 ° F). It's still relatively damp during these months, although the normal rainy days between November and March can be listed on one hand. In the summer, the temperature will be up to 35 ° C (95 ° F) and the humidity exacerbated by smog. The most fun time to come is from March to May and from September to November.


Elevation: 570 m

Postal code: 8320000

Population: 56.1 lakhs (2017) United Nations

Province: Santiago Province

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